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Updated: 6 March 2014
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Oom Schalk Lourens tells the story of how, when looking after cattle in the Marico district, he lay down to rest awhile and suddenly woke to find a leopard sniffing his boots. No-one, however, will believe him . . .


To make matters worse, Krisjan Lemmer was there, too, and when I got to the part of my story where the leopard lay down beside me, Krisjan Lemmer winked at me. You know that kind of wink. It was to let me know that there was now a new understanding between us, and that we could speak in future as one Marico liar to another.

I didn't like that.

"Kêrels," I said in the end, "I know just what you are thinking. You don't believe me, and you don't want to say so."

"But we do believe you," Krisjan Lemmer interrupted me. "Very wonderful things happen in the Bushveld."

Have you looked at the questions
in the right column?
Read the left column and then answer
the following questions:

What does Krisjan Lemmer's wink signify to Oom Schalk? (2)

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The humour in this story is mainly the result of the "lies" told by Oom Schalk Lourens and Krisjan Lemmer.
  • Make a list of some of these "lies". (8)

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The story does not only rely on lies to provide humour.
  • Show how the truth, which others regard as lies, can provide humour. (4)

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Krisjan Lemmer tells the story of Hans, his mamba.
  • Why, according to Krisjan Lemmer, did the snake not like to go to church? (2)

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  • How does one know that Krisjan Lemmer is definitely lying when he tells this story? (2)

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Which incident from the story proves that, in spite of his deceptive appearance, Oom Schalk is sensitive and possibly even soft-hearted. (2)

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