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Contextual worksheet

Keith Tankard
Updated: 6 March 2014
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An elderly man in his retirement has been offered the role of Chief in his tribe. Because he is not well-off, however, he must devise a clever plan to raise the money so that he can bribe people in high places.


Presently a dark matronly woman sauntered into the room, smiled coyly as she fastidiously tied and retied her lapa, and finally knelt down on one knee at Fasasi's feet.

"Abike, my love, I am in a great fix. I need your help."

Abike heaved a sigh -- she knew what was coming.

"You know I am being offered the title of Asunpewa."

"You are? My lord has not told me about this great honour. You certainly deserve it." Of course she had heard it -- she had a counter at the elubo market, and these last few days the market had talked of nothing else. How thankful she now felt that she had had enough foresight to gather all her savings into safety -- her husband would be needing some money, no doubt."

Have you looked at the questions
in the right column?
Read the left column and then answer
the following questions:

A hidden agenda is a plan which is hidden behind another plan.
  • What was the "hidden agenda" in this story? (4)

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No setting is ever given in this story, but we do have evidence of where the story takes place.
  • Identify where this story is probably set. Explain how you know. (4)

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Why was Fasasi a popular man? Justify you answer.  (4)

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What proof do we have that Fasasi was not a wealthy man? (2)

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Why was there a sudden need for Fasasi to lay his hands on some money? (2)

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Abike was aware of what was going on.
  • How had she heard about it? (2)

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Abike had to come up with a plan in order to protect the little bit of money she had.
  • What was her plan? Was it successful? (4)

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Fasasi was an "authority on practically all subjects".
  • Explain what is meant by this statement. (2)

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We are told of the "credulous" listeners.
  • What does "credulous" mean? (2)

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Comment on the relationship that existed between Abike and her husband. (4)

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