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William Shakespeare


Act 2, Scene 2
Othello celebrates his nuptials!

Keith Tankard
Updated: 22 January 2014
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A herald appears on the stage to announce that Othello has proclaimed an evening of festivities to celebrate his marriage.


The plot needs to move on apace.

Shakespeare has managed to set up the plot so that Othello has escaped imprisonment for eloping with Brabantio's daughter, Desdemona.

The war with the Ottomites brought about that very thing, and then also managed to bring Othello to Cyprus where he would become isolated and fall under Iago's control.

The play, however, needs to move quickly to reach this next plot. Iago needs a means by which he can work his evil. An evening of festivities will do the trick.

Alcohol will be available in abundance and everyone will be off-guard, celebrating. It becomes easy, therefore, for Iago to trap Michael Cassio into drinking too much, which in turn makes him vulnerable to an attack from Roderigo.

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"Enter a Herald reading a proclamation."
  • What is a Herald? (2)

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  • What is his function in this Herald? (2)

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  • What is the purpose of this very short scene? (4)

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